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Silverback Africa Excursions is a destination management company based in Rwanda that curates rich experiences that go beyond travel and extend to the community. We make your logistics seamless, but we are much more than that. Based in Kigali, Rwanda, Silverback Africa creates personalized travel experiences that let you get to know our people, history, customs, and latest goings-on.

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We design comprehensive packages which are highlighted by signature experiences that caters to your special interests – Gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, birding, hiking, cycling, nature retreats, coffee tours, historical and cultural exploration, art and craft – We are committed to your total satisfaction!

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Our country

Our country

The lush hills of Rwanda have long been over-shadowed by a dark past but the land of 1,000 hills is turning a new leaf of hope as it’s become one of East Africa’s most sought after luxury destinations. Adorned with rich history, beautiful green landscape and majestic creatures that make for a once in a lifetime experience, Rwanda is a multilayered destination worth discovering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local Currency: Rwandan Francs (All major currencies are accepted).

Visas: Effective from January 1st 2018, citizens of all countries will get a visa upon arrival without prior application at a cost of $30.
An east african tourist visa is also available for clients wishing to travel between Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda, to be applied for online at a cost of $100 and valid for 90 days. One has to apply to the respective country of the first point of entry.
Please visit the rwanda immigration web site for more information on different visa types.

Climate: Temperate all year round (24 – 270 C).

Telephone Country Code: +250.

ICT: High speed 4G LTE wireless broadband in major cities.

Electricity: Voltage 230V at 50Hz.

Camera and Filming: Camera and film bring both; lots of the latter. Do not forget plenty of batteries. There is no charge for private filming in the parks but there is a fee for commercial filming and prior arrangements have to be made.

Health: Consult your doctor about Malaria and Yellow Fever vaccination prior to your visit.

Airlines: RwandaAir, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines Rwanda travel tips .

Weather: Weather due to a combination of tropical location and high altitude ensures that most of Rwanda has a temperate year round climate. Temperatures rarely stray above 30ºc by day or below 15ºc at night throughout the year. The exceptions are the chilly upper slopes of the virunga mountains, throughout the country, seasonal variations in temperature are relatively insignificant. Most parts of the country receive in excess of 1,000mm of precipitation annually, with the driest months being July to September and the wettest February to May.

Credit card: Credit cards the unit of currency is the Rwanda francs. The us dollar is the hard currency of preference. Very few places in Rwanda accept either credit cards or traveler's cheques. Only the major hotels in Kigali plus a few airlines accept them.

Security: Security Rwanda is considered the safest travel destination in the region.

Vaccination: Vaccinations the only one you will need for Rwanda is yellow fever. We strongly suggest that you see your doctor about malaria precautions.

Communication: Rwanda has an excellent cell phone network covering almost the entire country. International phone calls can be made easily. Appropriate sim cards for the network are readily available everywhere, even in remote towns, and cell phones can be purchased or rented from major shops in Kigali. Most towns of any size will have several internet cafes and computer centers.

Community work/ Umuganda Umuganda (social work day) every last Saturday of the month, from around 0800 hrs to 1230 hrs, all rwandans of all walks of life take a break from their everyday chores and come together within the neighborhoods and villages to do communal work together, for the benefit of whole society. Work often includes general cleaning and other activities like breaking fallow ground for farming, unblocking trenches and roadside drains, sweeping the streets, etc. After the work, communities have a short meeting, inama to discuss general societal issues and then go back home. The afternoon is free to revert to personal engagements.

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